Willis Towers Watson Broker Thomas Stubler Recognized as a 2020 Marine Power Broker

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Thomas Stubler, East Region Leader, Cargo and Logistics, Willis Towers Watson

Thomas Stubler
East Region Leader, Cargo and Logistics
Willis Towers Watson, New York

2019 was a year of price spikes for marine coverage, but 2020 is looking to be smooth sailing for Thomas Stubler’s clients.

“Thomas was able to maintain excellent pricing with broadened terms and conditions for our large, global stock-throughput program,” said one director of risk management.

“That was at a time when most pricing was rising rapidly. Through his personal approach to broking, he facilitated a switch in the primary carrier to one that is truly a more global player; a move that has changed the market perspective on our program and made it even more appealing.“

The client added, “Going into what could be another tough renewal in 2020, this will serve us well.”

“We and the acquired company are both manufacturing companies of packaging materials,” said a senior risk analyst. The acquiring company already had a large global marine cargo policy and the acquired company had two policies.

“TJ negotiated with our carrier to add the acquired exposures to our policy, including the expanded stock throughput coverage of which that entity did not have under its prior marine cargo policy. TJ was able to get an annualized premium, adding these new exposures for about 40% lower than it was paying pre-acquisition.”

In another case, Stubler was able to reduce a proposed 250% premium increase to only 10% after the client agreed to work with the underwriters’ risk mitigation teams.

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