Pritchard and Jerden Broker Steve Heinen Recognized as a 2020 Workers’ Comp Power Broker

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Steve Heinen, Vice President, Pritchard and Jerden

Steve Heinen, AAI, CWCP
Vice President
Pritchard and Jerden, Atlanta

The Elberton Granite Association is a 68-member self-insurance fund with a unique structure. Each member is a qualified self-insured with the state board, but it also acts as a group fund.

Broker Steve Heinen joined the fund as its risk manager just before Chris Kubas was named EVP. Together, they saved the struggling fund.

“I knew nothing about workers’ comp,” said Kubas. “Steve has mentored me to the point where we have completely turned this fund around — it’s really because of him and his expertise and his ability.

“The hands-on service he gives us you would not get from a typical broker.”

Heinen recently helped the fund achieve a historically low loss ratio.

Heinen also led the charge on incorporating a captive to reinsure the layer under the program’s excess $750K limit, a strategy that has had a significant impact on the fund’s surplus.

“The captive gave us tax advantages so we could grow our surplus and build strength,” said Kubas. The fund has generated a surplus of more than $5 million.

Kubas speaks with admiration about Heinen’s creativity and the level of trust he has in the talented broker’s ideas.

“He uses us as kind of a testing house. It’s been wildly successful. There’s nobody in the state of Georgia who knows this stuff as well as Steve,” he added.

“I call him the mad scientist sometimes, because we’re always trying to create something new.”

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