Marsh Broker Sean Harrington Recognized as a 2020 Marine Power Broker

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Sean Harrington, Vice President, Marsh 

Sean Harrington, ARM
Vice President
Marsh, Seattle

Some brokers are simply too young to have lived through hard market renewals, but for Sean Harrington, age does not restrict him from delivering results for his clients.

“I have seen promising young brokers come and go, but none of them as complete a package as Mr. Harrington,” said one marine risk manager.

“Sean became our account lead contact for marine and cargo insurance at my request in mid-2018. We are in a niche industry that is both seasonal and logistically intricate. In 2019, we landed a subcontract to help refurbish a military facility on an island.”

The project included four of the clients’ specialized vessels as well as the time charter of two third-party cargo ships.

“I worked with Sean and our operating staff for more than a year to review the subcontract language, specify the operations and investigate potential coverage gaps outside our regular insurance program,” the risk manager noted.

Well before the project was on the water, Harrington was able to put full coverage in effect for less than 10% of that budgeted projection.

“Everyone at the company was extremely pleased,” the client said.

Another client was having several large vessels significantly modified.

“Ultimately, we went with the yard’s own builder’s risk, but he was able to provide us with the guidance to make that decision prudently,” said the client.

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