2022 Power Broker Winners

Below you will find the complete list of 2022 Power Broker winners. You can sort by winner, firm or category. Click on a winner’s name to view their full profile. To view the winners from 2021, click here.

Name Firm Category
Ashe, Richard Marsh At-Large
Hardie, Noah Alliant Insurance Services At-Large
Sivieri, Nicole Marsh At-Large
Terry, Fiona Marsh At-Large
Freedman, Lori Marsh At-Large
Minier, Alexander Aon At-Large
Erbacher, Kristin Aon At-Large
Jimenez , Charlie EPIC Insurance Brokers At-Large
Anderson, Dee Alliant Insurance Services At-Large
Grey, Thomas Marsh At-Large
Falzone, Kristin Marsh At-Large
Lewis, Corey Aon At-Large
Moore, Chris EPIC Insurance Brokers Agriculture
Widdows, Jeff PayneWest Insurance Agriculture
Manders , Taylor Aon Agriculture
Brecka , Monica Aon Agriculture
Martinez, Enoch Aon Agriculture
O'Brien , Kevin Marsh Agriculture
Kohn, Richard Cobbs Allen Captives
Flaxbeard, Jason Beecher Carlson Captives
Christensen, Kathryn Aon Captives
Towle, Anne Marie Hylant Captives
Kosin, Jonathan Aon Construction
Troxell, Mark Graham Company Construction
Kenny, Natalie Marsh Construction
Spiridis, Christopher Aon Construction
Lane, Phillip Insurance Office of America Construction
Crow , J. Dale Risk Strategies Construction
Geffen, Ben Marsh Cyber
Sylvester, Joey Gallagher Cyber
Ebeling, Jennifer Aon Cyber
Eilhardt, Britt Beecher Carlson Cyber
Lantrip, Adam CAC Specialty Cyber
Mackey, Thompson Mackey EPIC Insurance Brokers Cyber
Lyons, Terry Risk Strategies Education
Montgomery, Michele Gallagher Education
Sandonato, Dean Gallagher Education
Spoon, Alexis Gallagher Education
Shewey, James RCM&D Education
Meier, Kelley Gallagher Education
Merchant, Shaan Alliant Insurance Services Employee Benefits
Farley, James Gallagher Employee Benefits
Jensen, Shannon PayneWest Insurance Employee Benefits
Miller, Laurie M3 Insurance Employee Benefits
Creighton, Matt HUB International Employee Benefits
Tripodi, Clint Risk Strategies Employee Benefits
Carrier, Matthew Gallagher Employee Benefits
Baker, Darren Alliant Insurance Services Employee Benefits
Huffington, Tara Lockton Companies Employee Benefits
Locke, Carolyn Newfront Employee Benefits
Bassinger, Angela Gallagher Employee Benefits
Colantino, Anthony Marsh McLennan Agency Employee Benefits
Baratta, Anthony Gallagher Entertainment
R'bibo, Daniel Gallagher Entertainment
Mitchell, Tara Aon Entertainment
Yu, Faye Aon Entertainment
Bassman, Paul Higginbotham Entertainment
Cohen, Seth HUB International Entertainment
Kern, Matthew Marsh Environmental
Webster, Liza Marsh Environmental
Vetter, Jim Marsh Environmental
Finnegan, Brian Aon Environmental
Mann, Kimberly Marsh Environmental
Wattman, Stephen Marsh Environmental
de St. Antoine, Isabelle Aon/Huntington T. Block Fine Arts
Bussiere, Margaret Risk Strategies Fine Arts
Johnsen, Kierstin Risk Strategies Fine Arts
Wunderlich, Blair Risk Strategies Fine Arts
Wigglesworth, Casey Aon/Huntington T. Block Fine Arts
Reid, Adrienne Aon/Huntington T. Block Fine Arts
Palmer, Colt PayneWest Insurance Transportation
Woods, Kevin Gallagher Transportation
Ice, Bryan Risk Strategies Transportation
Wagner, Franz Conner Strong & Buckelew Transportation
Manke, Emily McGriff Transportation
Humphrey, Lloyd Insurance Office of America Transportation
Cassin, Conor Aon Health Care
Cafferelli, Joe Alliant Insurance Services Health Care
Boisvert, Michael Gallagher Health Care
Page, Jenee Aon Health Care
Palde, Scott Risk Strategies Health Care
Ragland, Scott Marsh McLennan Agency Health Care
Corbett, Christy Aon Hospitality
Peery, Jason Aon Hospitality
Simons, Brian Aon Hospitality
O’Brien, John Gallagher Hospitality
Bickle , Cullen Aon International
Fitzpatrick, Julia Aon International
Lebron, Maxine Aon International
VanArsdale, Andrew Marsh International
Morton, Stephen Marsh International
Ounaies, Fares Marsh International
Drake, Jennifer Aon M&A
Kyriacou, Stephen Aon M&A
Silva, Fernando Lockton Companies M&A
Somma, Matt Newfront M&A
Marchisi, John Gallagher M&A
Brown, Ryan Lockton Companies M&A
McDermott-Lucey, Jean Aon Manufacturing
McCoy, Michael Aon Manufacturing
Walker, Anthony Marsh Manufacturing
Lavery, Gary EPIC Insurance Brokers Manufacturing
Battle, Ray Aon Manufacturing
Eberhardt, Hope Aon Manufacturing
Byrne , Jake Lockton Companies Marine
Midei, Matt Marsh Marine
Bustamante, Rafaela Marsh Marine
Frazee, John Marsh Marine
Lochridge, Kyle Lockton Companies Marine
Hollomon, Randall Marsh Marine
Dove, Joan Gallagher Nonprofit
Cole, Brandon Gallagher Nonprofit
Jakubowski, Matt Gallagher Nonprofit
Kansay, Amy Gallagher Nonprofit
Martin, Julie Marsh Nonprofit
Marquess, Natalie Aon Pharmaceuticals
Pope, Michael Aon Pharmaceuticals
Miller, Mark Marsh Pharmaceuticals
McMahon, Scott Willis Towers Watson Pharmaceuticals
Bell, Grant Marsh Pharmaceuticals
Brettler, Dan Conner Strong & Buckelew Pharmaceuticals
Kundrod, Claudia Marsh McLennan Agency Private Client Services Private Client
Pittelli, Megan Aon Private Client
Ogrodnik-Smith, Susan HUB International Private Client
Killeen, Lynn HUB International Private Client
Milnes, Emily Marsh McLennan Agency Private Client Services Private Client
Hoedeman, Brent Brown & Brown Private Client
McFarland, Sandra Marsh Public Sector
Johnson, Graham Marsh Public Sector
Carlisle, Chase Carlisle Insurance Public Sector
Chino, John Gallagher Public Sector
Bartok, Sulim Gallagher Public Sector
Terlecki, Nick Gallagher Public Sector
Lorber, Tony EPIC Insurance Brokers Real Estate
Zutel, Fred Lockton Companies Real Estate
Griffin, LaShonda Aon Real Estate
McQueeney, Billy Insurance Office of America Real Estate
Anderson, Morgan Gallagher Real Estate
Shaw , Bo Insurance Office of America Real Estate
Burack, Todd McGriff Renewable Energy
Phillips, George Marsh McLennan Agency Renewable Energy
Choltus, Karl Beecher Carlson Renewable Energy
Cassidy, Courtney CAC Specialty Renewable Energy
Toy, Marc CAC Specialty Renewable Energy
Eans, Allie Alliant Insurance Services Renewable Energy
Gayser, Jeremy Lockton Companies Energy
Chappell, William CAC Specialty Energy
Rochelle, Robert Alliant Insurance Services Energy
Veytsman, Yan Marsh Energy
Snelgrove, Lee Alliant Insurance Services Energy
Carrell, Tonya Poms & Associates Energy
Centeno, Michele Lockton Companies Specialty
Miller, Heather Lockton Companies Specialty
Kacker, Ankur Marsh Specialty
Tamchin, Jordan CAC Specialty Specialty
Gillingham, Heather NFP Specialty
Barnard, Matthew Aon Specialty
Leveroni, Molly Aon Technology
Lindell, Dan Newfront Technology
Miller, Steve Insurance Office of America Technology
Breeney, Collin Aon Technology
Giannisis, Blake Aon Technology
Thompson, Jessica Aon Technology
Waters, Jacqueline Aon Financial Services
Inan, Ali Marsh Financial Services
Minor, John Aon Financial Services
Cramsie, Blake Alliant Insurance Services Financial Services
Goesel, Craig Alliant Insurance Services Financial Services
Schroeter, M. Susan Marsh Financial Services
Post, Alexander Lockton Companies Utilities
Keller, Jonathan Lockton Companies Utilities
Reinhardt, Julie Marsh Utilities
Edwards, Garry Aon Utilities
Katilus , John Marsh Utilities
Compton, James Marsh Utilities
Ko, Rose Marsh Workers' Comp
Tyler, Patrick Mason AHT Workers' Comp
Schoor, Ettie PRISM Insurance Group Workers' Comp
Lane, Mike Reagan Companies Workers' Comp
Jeske, Jill Aon Workers' Comp
Love, Steve SolePro Workers' Comp