Marsh McLennan Agency Broker Scott Ragland Recognized as a 2022 Health Care Power Broker

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Scott Ragland, Vice President, Employee Health & Benefits, Marsh McLennan Agency

Scott Ragland
Vice President, Employee Health & Benefits
Marsh McLennan Agency, Tempe, Ariz.

When a truly great broker changes companies, their clients are soon to follow. Scott Ragland is that kind of broker.

“We’ve been with him since 2016 and he’s just absolutely amazing,” said Kerri Fama, director of human resources at Ironwood Physicians. “We didn’t work with him for a year because he left the company we were with, and we weren’t allowed to follow him for a year. Once that timeframe ended, we immediately sought him out again, to work with him again.”

Why do his clients love him so?

“If I have a question, he’s always super quick to respond with an answer, a solution, a direction, and I do feel like he’s got great contacts,” said Heather Wood, vice president of human resources at Spear Education. “He’s been working with a lot of these providers and vendors for years and years, and he just knows how they work, inside and out.”

But having that expertise and all those connections doesn’t mean much if there’s no tangible benefit for the client.

“His understanding of the industry, the ins-and-outs, everything that’s going on, is really excellent,” said Wood. “And I don’t know many other companies who haven’t seen increases year over a year, but I haven’t had an increase in three or four years.”

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