Gallagher Broker Amy Kansay Recognized as a 2022 Nonprofit Power Broker

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Amy Kansay, Vice President, Nonprofit, Gallagher

Amy Kansay, CISR
Vice President, Nonprofit
Gallagher, New York

When the Child Victim Act passed in New York, Henry Street Settlement was among the many nonprofits facing nonrenewal. “You can’t run a nonprofit without insurance,” said Josephine Lume, CFO. Amy Kansay pushed the carrier for a few extra months while she looked for a replacement, which she found, but the new carrier declined to cover the nonprofit’s vehicles.

Kansay removed the auto from the package policy, then placed it with State Farm.

“In a difficult environment, Amy got us policies for less than we used to pay,” Lume said.

When Kansay took on the Settlement Housing Fund account, she did a top-down, review of the affordable housing developer’s coverage to make sure it had the right policies for its needs, not too much or too little. Garraud Etienne, COO, suspected redundancies.

“I asked Amy, ‘Do we need this?’ ” She reviewed the paperwork and confirmed his suspicion.

The insurance market for nonprofits is tough, said Russell Palmer, corporate risk manager, Acacia Network, Inc., the largest Hispanic-run nonprofit in New York State, which participates in the least insurable activities: transitional housing, homeless shelters, nursing homes and HIV treatment facilities.

“A lot of nonprofits in our space failed because they couldn’t get insurance,” he said — but not Acacia. “Amy convinced carriers to write our risks,” he said. Still, she and Acacia are exploring a captive option for the next renewal, which would allow the company to become its own carrier.

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