Cobbs Allen Broker Richard Kohn Recognized as a 2022 Captives Power Broker

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Richard Kohn, Senior Vice President, Cobbs Allen

Richard Kohn, ARM
Senior Vice President
Cobbs Allen, Birmingham, Ala.

Richard Kohn saw increased demand for captives over the past year, a direct response to the hardening insurance market. Clients staring down an unfavorable renewal process often need results, and fast, but know little about the captive space.

Andy Wenzler, risk manager of the Fite Building Company, has appreciated not only Kohn’s time and patience in outlining the nuances of captives but also his clear communication style.

“The captive program is a complicated product,” Wenzler said. “He’s very good at explaining just about any part that needs to be explained. I think it takes a special insurance broker to be able to sell that product. Richard is very positive, proactive and responsive [to] our needs and works hard to get us the best value.”

Client White-Spunner recently set up a captive program: “He understands the biggest risk factors in our industry, which are contractual relationships upstream and downstream, and he has a detailed knowledge of how to shift risk downstream and mitigate issues as they as they arise.

“Going to a captive was a big shift for us fundamentally in our insurance offerings, across our other lines,” said director of finance Ryan Zoghby.

“[Kohn’s team] is always looking at the bigger issues in the marketplace are and advising us on the steps we need to take by next year’s renewal. That includes telling us if our solutions are getting outdated.”

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