Lockton Companies Broker Kyle Lochridge Recognized as a 2022 Marine Power Broker

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Kyle Lochridge, Vice President, Account Executive, Lockton Companies

Kyle Lochridge
Vice President, Account Executive Lockton, Metairie, La.

“Kyle Lochridge, and his colleagues, worked with us on a property and were able to get us better coverage with a lower premium, and were extremely helpful throughout the entire process,” the director of operations at one shore-side client said.

“We switched our account to Lockton based on the expertise of its marine division and were pleased with the specific knowledge of the market that Kyle and his colleagues demonstrated.”

The firm has an unusual set of businesses that do not lend themselves to being easily characterized by underwriters.

“Kyle’s knowledge of the market enables him and his team to present our situation to very specific underwriters.

“Ours is a niche industry, and Kyle knew the markets that would not shy away from quoting us. He also showed understanding of our business in the way he presented our exposures to the markets.”

Notable even in overall firm markets, it has been difficult to place coverage for specialized shore-side operations, especially in regions that are prone to named storms. There is further complication for small- and mid-sized operations that rely to on third-party contractors for work on site.

Some underwriters are excluding third parties from coverage entirely, others are imposing restrictions and heavy reporting requirements.

Having helped to implement internal risk management protocols and surveys, Lochridge was able to place the coverage with a single underwriter at a significant reduction in premium even with a waiver of contractor warrantees.

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