Lockton Companies Broker Michele Centeno Recognized as a 2022 Specialty Power Broker

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Michele Centeno, Senior Vice President, Lockton Companies

Michele Centeno
Senior Vice President
Lockton Companies, Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

To excel at customer service, you have to be available, flexible and smart. It’s not about how hard you work but how smart you work. That’s the philosophy of Michele Centeno.

With more than 30 years of experience, Centeno has handled a wealth of scenarios. This enables her to make quick, effective decisions and provide solid solutions to clients. Prior to becoming a broker, Centeno spent 13 years underwriting management liability. This experience has helped her become a leading advisor to clients, especially in the area of cyber insurance.

“While working on a difficult cyber renewal, Michele orchestrated several meetings with our IT folks, technical experts she knew, and brokering partners to thoroughly understand our current situation, plans in the future, and positioned us in our best possible light,” said Michael Lubben, director of risk management at CC Industries.

“She directed this entirely knowing exactly who to engage, how to position us and what markets to go to. Every item was organized and thought through. It was simply excellent work.”

Jim Holder, chief legal officer at Sykes Enterprises, added Centeno pulled off “nothing short of a miracle” in obtaining a renewal of a very favorable scripted cyber policy, following a year in which the company had two cyber attacks costing millions. The company was also negotiating being acquired.

“Michele even had two branches of the same carrier bidding against each other in order to get us the best coverage for the best price,” Holder said. “Her approach was genius.”

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