Poms & Associates Broker Tonya Carrell Recognized as a 2022 Traditional Energy Power Broker

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Tonya Carrell, Vice President, Poms & Associates

Tonya Carrell
Vice President
Poms & Associates, Woodland Hills, Calif.

Her skill at leveling off premium increases was something Tonya Carrell’s clients especially appreciated this past year.

“Some of the quotes we received for our renewal this year were simply outrageous,” said the manager of one energy services company.

“Tonya did a great deal of work to get the rates, limits, terms and conditions to where they were something we could live with. It was still a hit on premiums, but we did not have to reduce coverage.”

The insurance buyer at another energy services company related a similar situation. “Tonya was able to hold our renewal to minor increases. Given what we have heard and seen around the industry, a small increase was an accomplishment,” the client said.

“As we were in the process of completing the renewal, we had a claim … It would not have been a complex claim, but as soon as we told Tonya about the incident she was on it. We were afraid that even a small claim might complicate the renewal, considering how far along everything was at that time. Maybe she thought the same because she got the claim processed and the renewal done quickly.”

Carrell was also noted for expertise in contractor safety-management and documentation.

For one client she found outdated documents that had both  operational and compliance implications. She helped the client get current, also putting in place a certification and documentation system to support reporting and training.

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