Gallagher Broker Daniel R’bibo Recognized as a 2022 Entertainment Power Broker

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Daniel R’bibo, Area Senior Vice President, Gallagher

Daniel R’bibo, ARM
Area Senior Vice President
Gallagher, Glendale, Calif.

It is easy to forget just how much is required for a stellar production to take off. Not only does broker Daniel R’bibo understand this; he revels in it.

This past year, one of R’bibo’s clients, Black Label Media, was producing a period film requiring the display and use of aircrafts from the time of the Korean War. R’bibo had to research the logistics of these plane uses, including actor and stunt training and overall time spent flying the planes, to present enough information to the carrier so that the production would receive maximum coverage.

In the end, R’bibo did just that: “We had to figure out how to minimize those premiums, yet make sure we were covered, especially with training pilots and actors in more current planes, and then [providing] training to them in these older planes,” said Bruce Franklin, head of production at Black Label Media.

The production was able to engage in all of the preparation necessary for the shoot, and R’bibo streamlined the process of insuring each plane with the lowest premium possible, according to his Power Broker application.

What makes R’bibo so invaluable to his clients is his deep understanding of what entertainment projects entail. “We can intelligently talk about stunts or other logistics in the physical production space that require special attention,” a client said. R’bibo will even read the scripts of the projects he is working to insure.

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