Alliant Insurance Services Broker Allie Eans Recognized as a 2022 Renewable Energy Power Broker

Allie Eans, Assistant Vice President, Account Manager Lead, Alliant Insurance Services

Allie Eans
Assistant Vice President, Account Manager Lead
Alliant Insurance Services, Boston

One of Allie Eans’ clients is a fast-growing, ambitious startup, with a complex financial structure.

“We are constantly evaluating potential acquisitions in all types of renewable generation on aggressive timelines,” said its director of insurance.

“We have the opposite problem with our construction projects: They get delayed and extended. In both cases our lenders have stringent conditions for performance. Allie was able to craft operational coverages and construction coverage for different assets at different stages at the same time. She met every milestone.”

Heading into its renewal in 2021, one client of Eans’ had a challenging loss ratio. When coupled with the hard market, the client was concerned about its premiums; not if they would rise, but by how much.

“Allie pushed us to reintroduce ourselves and our capabilities, including the ability to mitigate future losses,” said a company executive.

“With continued input and suggestions, we finalized a thorough market presentation highlighting the opportunities within our portfolio while directly addressing the factors implemented following previous losses that would mitigate future losses,” that client said.

“Allie then scheduled meetings with critical insurers where we, together with Allie, were able to communicate our message. While the market remained very hard as we renewed our policies, I feel confident that Allie’s guidance, recommendations, and determination would keep our costs as low as possible.”

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