Insurance Office of America Broker Billy McQueeney Recognized as a 2022 Real Estate Power Broker

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Billy McQueeney, Vice President, Insurance Office of America

Billy McQueeney
Vice President
Insurance Office of America, Charleston, S.C.

LBX Investment’s former broker was “slow dancing” a renewal on its insurance policy. Quotes, when they finally came in a few weeks from expiration, were significantly higher than the broker had estimated, said Leo Suarez, vice president, accounting, LBX Investments.

“My boss was angry that the broker waited until the last minute to spring a big increase on us,” Suarez said. That’s where Billy McQueeney came in. He took the portfolio to the market and delivered big savings.

The underlying skills that enabled this kind of nimbleness? Good communication, speaking directly and knowing how to navigate sticky situations.

“He knows what people will ask before they ask. That facilitates the fire drills.”

Dewberry Group has a large, diverse portfolio: over two million square feet of office and retail space, 300 apartments, a five-star luxury hotel and many acres held for development. Starting with the hotel, the company slowly introduced the portfolio to McQueeney.

“Billy went to carriers the incumbent broker hadn’t approached,” said John Freeman, executive vice president, finance. “We flipped his quotes back to the incumbent, and he seemed shocked every time.”

The last policy to roll over to McQueeney was a large builder’s risk construction policy. Construction had been halted due to COVID-19. McQueeney called an expert in builders’ risk, who helped him piece together a multi-tranched policy.

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