Alliant Insurance Services Broker Noah Hardie Recognized as a 2022 At Large Power Broker

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Noah Hardie, Executive Vice President, Alliant Insurance Services

Noah Hardie, Executive Vice President, Alliant Insurance Services, New Orleans

When his client was forced to close dozens of its bars because of the COVID-19 pandemic, severely restricting its revenue, Noah Hardie stepped in to help.

After carrying out a periodic balance sheet review, he identified revenues were down more than 50%. However, the insurer was only willing to allow a 25% adjustment to the new exposure. So Hardie remarketed the placement mid-term with the new exposures, resulting in a more than 50% reduction in total cost of risk.

For another client, he used his knowledge of its balance sheet to identify revenue trends during the pandemic.

Using the data collected from the firm’s payment and settlement system, Hardie showed the underwriters the quantum of the reduction in exposure. The insurer subsequently issued a 25% COVID credit of more than $250,000 in returned premium. Using his relationship with the insurer and access to his client’s data, Hardie also negotiated a 5% renewal bonus if the client met loss ratio and timely reporting targets.

Christian Jensen, CEO of Transportation Consultants, and Hardie’s client, said, “Noah’s key quality is tenacity. He never gives up and keeps going until he has secured us the best outcome or solution.”

Another client, a website development firm, said, “I would recommend Noah to anyone. His personal integrity, knowledge and white glove treatment stand out in an industry sometimes fraught with mediocrity and recalcitrance.”

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