RCM&D Broker James Shewey Recognized as a 2022 Education Power Broker

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James Shewey, Education Practice Leader, RCM&D

James Shewey
Education Practice Leader
RCM&D, Glenn Allen, Va.

James Shewey’s dedicated and creative approach to building insurance pools for his clients is what makes him a top-notch broker and earned him this 2022 Education Power Broker award.

Many of Shewey’s clients are private, independent schools.

One client is the Association of Independent Schools of Greater Washington (AISGW). Shewey helped it form a risk pool. Initially involving 14 schools, the pool has steadily grown since July of 2019. Amy McNamer, executive director for AISGW, said, “[James] understands the issues facing our schools at a pretty deep level. He’s taken a lot of burden off of the association to get it going.”

Another feather in Shewey’s cap is the development of the Cherry Blossom Consortium, a pool involving more than 15 independent schools.

The pool enabled these schools to not only improve on their coverages but form relationships with more desirable insurance company partners.

“I’ve never had a broker approach me to want to reduce my costs [and] also be able to give us access to insurance companies that focus on independent schools,” said Deborah Anderson, COO, Foxcroft School. “That was huge.”

Shewey remained instrumental in the entire pool-building process, from the purchasing to risk assessment to creating an advisory leadership group. One client even said the pool has revolutionized the way she views risk management.

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