Insurance Office of America Broker Bo Shaw Recognized as a 2022 Real Estate Power Broker

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Bo Shaw, Vice President, Insurance Office of America

Bo Shaw
Vice President
Insurance Office of America, Atlanta

Last year, when the insurance market, including the incumbent, snubbed a TTI Capital asset with a bad loss history director Ravi Thummalapenta saw broker Bo Shaw take on the challenge, and he campaigned for the carrier to reconsider.

“He’s persuasive by nature,” Thummalapenta said, “and he’s a good problem solver.” Returning to the carrier was a good strategy, and it paid off. The carrier renewed. “It took a lot to convince the carrier. Most brokers won’t make that effort.”

Community Management Associates also faced an uncertain renewal because of a lawsuit from a sexual assault on its premises. Other brokers were pessimistic about its prospects because of exclusions for this kind of issue.

“Bo explained to carriers that this was a fluke and that we’re an upstanding community,” said Nicole Dallape, property manager, Community Management Associate.

“He got us quality insurance at a lower premium. No other broker would take the time or have the tenacity to get us through it.”

When Griff Dermoushegian discovered on a Friday afternoon that a crucial policy for a large industrial space under construction had lapsed nine months prior, he and his colleagues at Braden Fellman Group had a “freak-out” moment.

“Bo went the extra 100 miles that afternoon to get us temporary coverage through the next Tuesday,” said Dermoushgian, chief operating officer.

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