Gallagher Broker Sulim Bartok Recognized as a 2022 Public Sector Power Broker

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Sulim Bartok, Area Vice President, Gallagher

Sulim Bartok Area Vice President Gallagher, Shelton, Conn.

“We had a difficult year with renewals, particularly with our cyber liability,” said David Villalva, risk manager, City of Stamford, Conn.

Enter Sulim Bartok.

“It took a lot of effort and great creativity on Sulim’s part to procure cyber liability with no gaps in coverage,” Villalva said.

In May, Bartok started the cyber conversation for a September renewal. “He rang the alarm bells early. So while it may have been a difficult renewal, it was never a surprise,” Villalva said.

After about a dozen carriers denied coverage, Bartok was able to showcase Stamford to the market and get what it needed.

“He’s intimate. He has this personal comradery and relationship with us. When I call, it’s Sulim on the other end; not a call service.”

“Sulim’s awareness of his clients and willingness to walk through all the variables” is what makes him a standout broker for another client in the public space. Bartok also started working ahead of schedule with this client on procuring adequate cyber cover.

“That foresight gave us the opportunity to adjust to put procedures in place.”

Bartok was thorough. He explained that placing cyber would be a different experience compared to years prior. In the end, they kept the same level of coverage with a minimal premium increase.

“I run everything and anything I need through Sulim, whether it be property, liability, cyber,” said Andrew Baklik, chief of staff, City of Derby. In July, Connecticut fell victim to the Russian gang REvil hack. Bartok shepherded the city through the recovery process. “He makes himself available day or night, even on things outside his purview.”

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