EPIC Insurance Broker Chris Moore Recognized as a 2022 Agriculture Power Broker

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Chris Moore, President, EPIC Farm & Ranch, EPIC Insurance Brokers

Chris Moore, AFIS, CRIS
President, EPIC Farm & Ranch
EPIC Insurance Brokers, Indianapolis

Chris Moore is not shy about competing for new business.

An Indiana-based agribusiness was happy with its previous insurance coverage. But Moore helped the company get a better handle on what it needed, which won him the account in July, according to its risk manager.

“He definitely put a very competitive package in front us,” the risk manager said, adding: “That caught our attention first. But the more we got to know Chris, the more comfort we gained.”

Moore’s smooth handling of a small claim further solidified the business’s confidence, the risk manager said. While wooing another new client, Moore pitched a way to insure a specific class of trucks despite the market’s limited appetite for the risk, according to a risk manager for the company.

“We got quotes but they were up to $500,000,” the risk manager said. The solution, a captive, was arranged by the incumbent broker. But after a bidding process, Moore landed the account.

“For me, it was just his drive and his initiative,” the risk manager said. “He was always very energetic. He was willing to look down any path, not just traditional policies.”

In another case, for a farm management company, Moore proposed carving out its biggest risk: irrigation systems. The company had considered it before, according to the company’s insurance manager. But Moore was the first broker to scrutinize it closely.

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