PayneWest Insurance Broker Jeff Widdows Recognized as a 2022 Agriculture Power Broker

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Jeff Widdows, Technical Director, Agricultural Practice, PayneWest Insurance

Jeff Widdows
Technical Director, Agricultural Practice,
PayneWest Insurance, Yakima, Wash.

Fresh produce can sustain damage in many ways. Jeff Widdows has a knack for explaining the causes to carriers and settling claims, according to his clients.

Zirkle Fruit Co. was staring at a $750,000 claim for fruit damaged in storage, according to Scott Cluff, treasurer and CFO of Zirkle. Based in Selah, Washington, the company grows, packs and ships fresh apples, cherries, blueberries and wine grapes.

“If we did not have Jeff in the position that he was in to go to bat for us, I don’t know if we would have gotten that claim across the finish line. He just has a good understanding of the fruit industry and its processes,” Cluff said.

“That’s where Jeff has really shined the brightest.”

Widdows also has impressed clients with his speed in resolving claims. After a truck knocked out a hops conveyor belt one late night at Perrault Farms Inc., Widdows was on the scene within half an hour, said Steve Perrault, president of the company, which is based in Toppenish, Washington.

“I thought we’d be shut down for at least three to four days and we were cooking again that evening,” Perrault said, noting that a longer delay would have been catastrophic for the perishable crop.

While Widdows is an advocate for his clients, he’s also on the level with carriers.

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