EPIC Insurance Broker Tony Lorber Recognized as a 2022 Real Estate Power Broker

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Tony Lorber, Vice President, National Real Estate Practice, EPIC Insurance Brokers

Tony Lorber
Vice President, National Real Estate Practice
EPIC Insurance Brokers, San Francisco

Venterra Realty Management owns 70 properties in areas recently battered by extremely destructive weather. Losses led Bill Allison, SVP, risk management and insurance, to work with broker Tony Lorber to create a modeling tool that geographically isolates various hellscapes — fire, flood, earthquakes, hurricanes — at the micro-location level, so properties with higher risk are allocated more for insurance.

“The model will influence future acquisitions and dispositions,” Allison said. “Few other brokers could do that, and those who could would have found a reason not to.”

Until Lorber convinced him otherwise a few years ago, Michael E. Drandell, CEO, Goldrich Kest, felt insurance captives were a Ponzi scheme.

Marshalling both “incredible” analytic and persuasion skills, Lorber explained how a captive would deliver significant savings on premiums in the short term and manage risk in the long term.

“Long term” is key, Drandell said, as Lorber continues to challenge his own creation.

“He’s always analyzing the benefit, the risks absorbed by the captive and how it compares with other insurers sitting on top of that tranche of risk.” This year, the company “bumped a chunk of deductible to $250K,” Drandell said, “to allow the captive to keep all the low-level crapola losses away from the primary policies.”

Lorber, he said “is the one going out and finding more folks in a tightening market, fighting for me and driving down price. He’s not just in it for the commission.”

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