Insurance Office of America Broker Steve Miller Recognized as a 2022 Technology Power Broker

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Steve Miller, Broker and Innovation Lead, Insurance Office of America

Steve Miller, CIC, CRM
Broker and Innovation Lead
Insurance Office of America, Pleasanton, Calif.

The future of autonomous vehicles not only depends on advances in technology but also on the ability of insurers to wrap their heads around the risk. Steve Miller has proven adept at bringing carriers around, to the benefit of his clients.

“Hands down, he knows more about this than any other agent I’ve worked with,” said a finance executive at one company. Miller, the executive said, secured a policy for the company from a carrier that had historically declined the industry.

While safety is often a concern for carriers, evolving business models are another challenge for autonomous vehicle companies. One of Miller’s clients is moving from the research and development phase into commercialization of its self-driving technology for trucks.

Before the company started working with Miller, carriers had trouble understanding the company and often passed on it, said an operations executive at the company. Miller has been making carriers comfortable and proposing options for coverage, she said.

In addition to understanding the technology, Miller has a handle on the needs of fast-growing startups, said Luis Duco, director of payment operations for TrueNorth Transportation.

When the company brought Miller on in late 2020, it had 35 drivers, Duco said. It renewed last year with just over 200 drivers.

“Steve has been one of the pivotal keys to that growth,” Duco said.

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