Aon/Huntington T. Block Broker Isabelle de St. Antoine Recognized as a 2022 Fine Arts Power Broker

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Isabelle de St. Antoine, ACII, Account Executive, Aon/Huntington T. Block

Isabelle de St. Antoine, ACII, Account Executive, Aon/Huntington T. Block, Washington, D.C.

After suffering losses from Tropical Storm Alison and Hurricane Sandy,  one of broker Isabelle de St. Antoine’s museum clients once again faced challenges in the form of Winter Storm Uri.

The museum lost power during the storm, disabling its security system. de St. Antoine worked with the museum to put police officers on patrol in the galleries to make sure they were secure. 

“At my house, we were without power for almost four days. I was in contact with Isabelle as soon as the museum outage was made known to me,” the client said. 

Later in the year, when a touring exhibit returned with a damaged piece of work, de St. Antoine once again stepped in to help the museum through the claims settlement process. 

“I feel fortunate to have been working with Isabelle this past year; she is always very quick to respond to my requests and knows what questions to ask to enable her to provide the appropriate guidance for the situation,” the client said. 

Another client complimented de St. Antoine’s knowledge of the sector. This year, de St. Antoine helped this client place coverage for one of the largest shows they’ve ever done.

“She has such a good lay of the land in understanding what’s important and what’s possible,” the client said.  

“She’s been totally open to thinking through all the options for how to make sure that we have the coverage that we need from the start of our loan agreement period through shipping through exhibition.”

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