Newfront Broker Carolyn Locke Recognized as a 2022 Employee Benefits Power Broker

Carolyn Locke, Senior Vice President, Principal | Employee Benefits, Newfront

Carolyn Locke
Senior Vice President, Principal | Employee Benefits
Newfront, San Mateo, Calif.

Every client wants to save money. But some organizations are also striving to meet other goals to support their mission, and every part of their organization has to align — including their employee benefits program.

This was the case for one of Carolyn Locke’s clients, whose mission is to empower people to live better lives and do right by their employees — and its employee benefits package needed to reflect this vision.

The client wanted its benefits provider to reflect its commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion.

Locke sourced two global vendors that reflected the client’s diversity and provided expanded offerings for a more holistic health and wellness package. As a result, employees enjoyed more options for mental health coverage and engaging ways to interact and utilize their wellness benefits.

This type of customized solution is typical of Locke’s work.

She recently worked with one client who brought on a junior HR person. Locke and her team took over the employee benefits function while the new HR person caught up, leading benefits meetings and developing a customized training program.

When the company had layoffs, Locke led the solution for coverage continuation for affected employees.

One client summarized Locke’s contributions by saying, “She is a maximizer. We don’t have complaints because she is always making things better. She thinks about the impact and digs really deep into our employees’ needs.”

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