Gallagher Broker Michael Boisvert Recognized as a 2022 Health Care Power Broker

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Michael Boisvert, Area Vice President, Gallagher

Michael Boisvert, CPCU, ARM, AINS
Area Vice President
Gallagher, Charlotte, N.C.

No two companies are the same, but some companies are less “the same” than others.

It takes a broker like Michael Boisvert to appreciate a company’s uniqueness and find the exact coverages to meet their needs, especially during times of great turbulence.

“We’re a bit of a different animal. We’re a unique kind of health care provider,” said Angela Gruebel, chief officer of risk and contract management at Teleios Collaborative Network. “A lot of work goes into explaining who we are and what our exposures really are, that sort of thing, but Michael Boisvert was
able to do that.”

That level of understanding starts with asking questions.

“Michael always starts the conversation,” said Loretta Long, CFO of Randolph Health and now CFO at Randolph’s parent company, American Healthcare Systems, Inc.

“How are you doing? What is happening at Randolph? He is always interested in our world and what he can do to help.”

That proactive and inquisitive approach proved to be crucial when Randolph filed for Chapter 11.

“Michael was an amazing partner and helped us navigate our coverage and even assisted us with obtaining D&O after a consultant pulled us to another carrier,” said Long.

“It was challenging times, but I always knew I could count on Michael. Even before filing chapter 11, he always kept us informed and provided us with the information we needed. I cannot express enough how much his knowledge and partnership meant to our organization.”

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