Brown & Brown Insurance Broker Brent Hoedeman Recognized as a 2022 Private Client Power Broker

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Brent Hoedeman, Private Client Advisor, Brown & Brown Insurance

Brent Hoedeman, CPRIA, CPRM, CAPI
Private Client Advisor
Brown & Brown Insurance, Naples, Fla.

Three years ago, Brent Hoedeman began floating the idea of a resource for brokers who wanted to sharpen their skills for the private client business.

The idea became reality in July with the launch of a best practices online library by the Private Risk Management Association. The library is a resource to help brokers refine their craft. Credit for its creation goes to Hoedeman, according to those who worked with him.

The library was inspired by the example of JoAnn Heltibridle, a private client broker who died in the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, and for whom an industry award is named. Hoedeman won the award in 2018.

“Without him and his vision, this wouldn’t have come to fruition,” said Karen Hivry, a field marketing director in New Jersey and eastern Pennsylvania for Cincinnati Insurance.

The library embodies the example set by basketball player Michael Jordan, who emphasized leaving the NBA better than he found it. Hivry said: “That’s Brent Hoedeman’s tagline. He’s going to leave this business in a better way than he found it.”

It was not a solo effort. An industry executive noted how Hoedeman brought together erstwhile competitors to build the library. His collaborators included past winners of the JoAnn Heltibridle award.

“He was very persistent about his belief that there was value in this,” the executive said. “And he was able to figure out what needed to be done.”

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