HUB International Broker Seth Cohen Recognized as a 2022 Entertainment Power Broker

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Seth Cohen, Vice President, HUB International

Seth Cohen, CPCU, ARM
Vice President
HUB International, Encino, Calif.

Seth Cohen is no stranger to the Power Broker® accolade — and for good reason. Year after year, he continuously proves he is one of the best in the business.

One of Cohen’s most notable feats this year was obtaining coverage for a high-profile film shoot in Afghanistan, both prior to and during the Taliban takeover. Cohen worked tirelessly, from establishing kidnap and ransom insurance to being on-call during the shoot’s evacuation from Afghanistan. The production successfully completed the shoot in its entirety.

Cohen has also been a standout when it comes to helping his clients manage unfamiliar territory in COVID-19 claims. “Seth was instrumental in production solutions to new pandemic challenges that arose, specifically COVID-19 production reinsurance options and captive programs that no one else was even aware of at the time,” said Heath Blankenship, vice president of corporate insurance at Endeavor. “He was, as usual, ahead of the curve.”

Isabel San Vargas, president of production and operations for Propagate Content, said: “No other [broker] makes me feel as risk mitigated [as Seth does]. I really am safe [with him].”

San Vargas also praised Cohen for his ability to design coverage for any sort of project, with one example being a show with composed music and writing compositions. This type of project can produce accidental copyright issues, and Cohen placed the correct insurance to diffuse the risk. “I didn’t even realize how big of a risk that was, but he’s always thinking of them,” she said.

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