Gallagher Broker Joey Sylvester Recognized as a 2022 Cyber Power Broker

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Joey Sylvester, Area Senior Vice President, Director – Cyber Risk Solutions, Gallagher

Joey Sylvester,
Area Senior Vice President, Director – Cyber Risk Solutions, Gallagher, New Orleans

The saying, “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail,” is a philosophy that might well be followed by broker Joey Sylvester.

Sylvester counts working hand in hand with clients to prepare them as much as possible for an intensified cyber policy renewal process as one of his achievements. 

He helps them prioritize cyber controls by providing them with a comprehensive “must have” list.

Sylvester speaks with clients and their IT staffs about underwriter expectations regarding cyber controls well in advance of a renewal. 

“Many of these controls are not quick or easy to implement, so my clients really appreciate it when I can walk them through these in advance so they can properly research and prioritize certain implementations such as multi-factor authentication or disconnected/offsite backups,” he wrote in his Power Broker application. 

Tim Wiseman, chief risk officer at the University of Wyoming, said Sylvester also went a step above when he helped correct erroneous information about the university’s system. The incorrect information was put forward by IT contractors that had done penetration testing. 

“They’d made some assumptions that were incorrect about our system,” he said. “Correcting those assumptions put us in a much better position to get insurance quotes and renewals,” Wiseman said. 

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