EPIC Insurance Broker Thompson Mackey Recognized as a 2022 Cyber Power Broker

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Thompson Mackey, CCIC, CRM, ARM, Risk Management Consultant, EPIC Insurance Brokers

Thompson Mackey, CCIC, CRM, ARM,
Risk Management Consultant, EPIC Insurance Brokers, Duluth, Ga.

Thompson Mackey always puts his best foot forward on behalf of his clients. 

Nowadays, rate increases of 70% or more are not unusual for cyber lines. In light of this tough market, Mackey positions his clients in the best light possible. And he seeks to concisely and confidently express why their company is an attractive risk for an insurer.  

To facilitate this process and ensure his clients’ submissions are reviewed favorably and in a timely fashion by underwriters, he has recently created a “submission overview” presentation for each of his clients. 

This document is sent as the front page of the traditional application and includes supplemental, high-level information that underwriters need to properly assess the risks and exposures inherent in a company’s operations. 

“I have found that these submission overview presentations have been instrumental in getting deals done in the market,” Mackey wrote in his Power Broker application. 

Adam Ginsberg, controller for RelayPayment, said Mackey is also willing to get into the trenches, even when an issue arises outside of his realm. 

When an issue arose with another policy, “he worked with us side by side to figure it out, even though it wasn’t his policy,” Ginsberg said. 

“He doesn’t want to just get things done; he wants us to be successful.” 

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What is a Power Broker? 

A Risk & Insurance Power Broker® is an individual who stands out among their peers for the exceptional client work they delivered over the past year. While brokers play many key roles in the insurance industry and risk profession, a Power Broker® award recognizes problem solving, customer service and industry knowledge. 

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