CAC Specialty Broker William Chappell Recognized as a 2022 Traditional Energy Power Broker

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William Chappell, Executive Vice President, CAC Specialty

William Chappell
Executive Vice President
CAC Specialty, Birmingham, Ala.

With renewables taking their place as major components of the energy economy, the new challenge for brokers in traditional energy is helping their clients in the hydrocarbons industry add wind and solar to their business.

As the risk manager for one of Bill Chappell’s clients explained, the exposures and coverages are different even for large energy firms.

“Bill is an engineer by education, and that understanding of processes and systems has been essential in supporting us as we move away from coal and gas. For example, we’ve managed and built billion-dollar projects, but builder’s risk for battery storage was new to us, and to some of our carriers. To achieve that placement, Bill had to understand the risk and explain it to insurance companies that were nervous about what they have heard about grid storage facilities.”

The risk manager noted that Chappell was particularly adept in helping them understand and secure coverage for highly variable energy types.

“On-shore wind and solar have been around for a while, and underwriters understand those. Off-shore wind and battery storage are newer, and have different risk profiles from other renewables and from our traditional energy portfolio,” the risk manager said.

Beyond the technical challenges of placements across traditional and emerging energy, Chappell was able to secure placement for traditional energy despite dwindling capacity and willingness of some carriers to write hydrocarbon-based operations.

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