Insurance Office of America Broker Lloyd Humphrey Recognized as a 2022 Transportation Power Broker

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Lloyd Humphrey, Senior Vice President & Managing Partner, Insurance Office of America

Lloyd Humphrey, CIC, CLCS
Senior Vice President & Managing Partner
Insurance Office of America, Cherry Hill, N..J.

In today’s transportation arena, insurance coverage goes beyond covering vehicles.

“You have auto insurance, general liability insurance, D&O insurance, cybersecurity insurance — you have all these kinds of coverages,” a chief financial officer of a transportation service said, digesting the breadth of coverage knowledge held by his trusted broker, Lloyd Humphrey.

“It’s just mind boggling to keep up with all the premiums, what the coverages are, what the deductibles are… what the hidden clauses are — the things that they don’t cover,” he said. “And Lloyd is an encyclopedia of insurance.”

“He’s had our back in uncovering savings,” the client said, by examining “every clause of every coverage.”

“When you have that kind of a knowledge base on your side, it’s very comforting.”

Humphrey was able to get the client’s insurance carrier to agree to change the class codes on numerous vehicles based on the type of work performed and miles traveled — a process that saved the client over $150,000 in auto premiums.
By urging the carrier to leverage a minimally used endorsement on the auto coverage, he also secured a premium reduction for the client on units that had become inoperable during the pandemic.

“He’s helped negotiate us discounts that we wouldn’t have had otherwise,” the client confirmed.

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