Aon Broker Kristin Erbacher Recognized as a 2022 At Large Power Broker

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Kristin Erbacher, Managing Director, Senior Vice President, Middle Market Broking Leader, Aon

Kristin Erbacher, Managing Director, Senior Vice President, Middle Market Broking Leader,
Aon, Cleveland

Fewer sectors were hit harder by the pandemic than retail. One of Kristin Erbacher’s clients, a nationwide retailer, was particularly challenged.

Trying to stay afloat and facing a hard market, the company engaged Erbacher to carry out a full marketing effort on its primary and excess casualty lines to secure a more favorable deal at its January 31, 2021 renewal.

But with the incumbent indicating flat to 5% rate increases on its primary casualty lines and umbrella/excess limits being halved to $25 million, she needed to find additional capacity to fill out the $50 million limit required.

Added to that, during the pandemic, the company had leased its own tractor trailers to transport goods from its warehouses to retail locations, increasing its auto liability exposure. Erbacher was able to secure the full limit, with the additional capacity provided by three main insurers, delivering total annual premium savings of $258,000 in the process.

The client said, “Kristin recommended a switch to another carrier. We were apprehensive at first, given our history and the potential change management impact. But she guided us through the process and the change was seamless.”

Another client said, “Kristin is very attentive to our needs. She makes herself available to us all of the time. She even called me once when she was on vacation, such is the length she is willing to go to.”

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