CAC Specialty Broker Courtney Cassidy Recognized as a 2022 Renewable Energy Power Broker

Courtney Cassidy, Assistant Vice President, Natural Resources, CAC Specialty

Courtney Cassidy
Assistant Vice President, Natural Resources
CAC Specialty, Barrington, R.I.

Courtney Cassidy is always up for a challenge.

“For this year’s renewal, Courtney conducted a broad survey of the market,” said the partner at one renewable energy developer.

“On the liability side, Courtney actually found us a 20% lower rate and premium for the same coverage as last year with a new carrier. In the end the reduction was even greater than 20%, because our previous carrier was seeking an increase.”

Another client with a broad geographic distribution switched to CAC earlier this year: “Courtney immediately noticed several items that were not in compliance with our debt requirements, which our previous broker had completely missed. She helped me communicate with the debt provider and gain support for a waiver, despite the portfolio having been out of compliance for some time. It preserved the relationship and gave me a great deal of assurance that switching to CAC from our previous broker was 100% the right call,” the client said.

Beyond forensics, Cassidy was praised for her advanced work. “Courtney navigated a challenging renewal, including actually achieving rate reductions for certain classes of assets,” said a managing director .

“She also provides critical support for us as we explored potential wind, solar, and storage asset acquisitions. The nature of our business model requires analyzing a lot of deals before landing on assets that we actual acquire. Insurance risk and insurance cost analyses are critical components of that process.”

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