Alliant Insurance Services Broker Craig Goesel Recognized as a 2022 Finance Power Broker

Craig Goesel, Senior Vice President, Alliant Insurance Services

Craig Goesel
Senior Vice President
Alliant Insurance Services, Chicago

Craig Goesel’s clients appreciate his expert knowledge, sharp eye for details, and superior communication skills.

In 2021, Goesel was called in to steer a weighty, complex deal involving a Chicago-based consultant and diversified financial service provider that was granted the opportunity to act as trustee for a bankrupt former retail giant with a multi-billion-dollar real estate portfolio.

The client hoped to structure the deal using a unique approach whereby the diminishing trust would have a public filing, similar to a publicly traded Real Estate Investment Trust. Goesel explored the exposures related to the unique engagement. He met with the client and related deal counsel to discuss the path to secure a comprehensive management and professional liability insurance program.

For tax purposes, the deal needed to be structured and finalized in a short time frame. Due to the uncommon structure of the deal, the challenging insurance marketplace and fast turnaround, insurance carriers were reluctant. They were also wary of issues related to the bankruptcy and inevitable wind-down of the company.

Goesel was given a little more than 48-hours to work with the consulting client and attorneys to secure the contracts, service agreements and underwriting data needed to procure an insurance solution.

He was able to finalize a combination management and professional program that covered the D&O of the new trust as well as the consulting firm. The client acknowledged the depth of expertise exhibited by Goesel to put together such a policy.

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