2021 Power Broker Winners

Below you will find the complete list of 2021 Power Broker winners. You can sort by winner, firm or category. Click on a winner’s name to view their full profile. To view the winners from 2020, click here.

Name Firm Category
LaFazia, Rebecca Risk Strategies At-Large
Brutto, Amy Marsh & McLennan Agency At-Large
Wagner, Steve Marsh At-Large
Charron, Deborah Marsh & McLennan Agency At-Large
Chappell, Lael Attune At-Large
Katz, Tony Aon At-Large
Ashe, Richard Marsh At-Large
Galanis, John Aon At-Large
Stallworth, Quay Gallagher At-Large
Wilson, Jr., Will McNeal, Sports & Wilson Risk Advisers At-Large
Cortes, Cara Marsh At-Large
Breeney, Collin Aon At-Large
Smith, Octavius Risk Strategies At-Large
Vassileva, Kremena Aon At-Large
Hoffmann, Phil Aon At-Large
Champion, Laurie Marsh At-Large
Ricks, Jason Aon At-Large
Quinlan, Brendan Alliant Insurance Services At-Large
Moore, Chris EPIC Insurance Brokers Agriculture
Pagano, Thomas Aon Agriculture
Crawford, Jacob Gallagher Agriculture
Clary, Reid AssuredPartners Agriculture
Klitzke, Amy Aon Agriculture
Mack, Rhonda EPIC Insurance Brokers Agriculture
Nowakowski , Michael Marsh Aviation
Heining , Joel AssuredPartners Aviation
Avjean , Amy Marsh Aviation
Hope, Marion AssuredPartners Aviation
Maybeck , Blake Marsh Aviation
Terlecki , Richard Gallagher Aviation
Towle, Anne Marie Hylant Captives
Fox, Cory Gallagher Captives
Kranz, Peter Beecher Carlson Captives
Christensen, Kathryn Aon Captives
Gage, Billy Gallagher Captives
Felker, Justin Gallagher Captives
Cipollo, Lou Aon Construction
Hunt, Brian Aon Construction
Copti, Paul Marsh Construction
Summers, Matthew Marsh Construction
Cottini, Jan Aon Construction
Costello, John Beecher Carlson Construction
Bolling , Jennifer Gallagher Cyber
Gillespie, Jeremy Gallagher Cyber
Abolt , Andrew Marsh Cyber
Mackey , Thompson EPIC Insurance Brokers Cyber
Davis , Paul Gallagher Cyber
Upchurch , Kaitlin Marsh Cyber
Jimerson, Desiree AssuredPartners Employee Benefits
Hodges, Donna Alliant Employee Benefits Employee Benefits
Menerey, Michael Alliant Insurance Services Employee Benefits
Miller, Laurie 2HB HR & Benefits Solutions Employee Benefits
Wall, Jerry Gallagher Employee Benefits
Allen, Jr., Spencer Insurance Office of America Employee Benefits
Bullen, Cristin Marsh Environmental
Kern, Matthew Marsh Environmental
Walker, Ashley Aon Environmental
Wattman, Stephen Marsh Environmental
Vetter, James Marsh Environmental
Finnegan, Brian Aon Environmental
Pearl, Stefanie Marsh Financial Services
Millett, Machua Marsh Financial Services
Li, Sally Marsh Financial Services
Kiefer, Andrea Alliant Insurance Services Financial Services
Kuske, Carlene Marsh Financial Services
Bruere, Adam Aon Financial Services
Redfern, Alexandra Marsh Fine Arts
Weiss Schaffer, Emily Risk Strategies Fine Arts
Wunderlich, Blair Fine Arts Fine Arts
Pontillo, Mary Risk Strategies Fine Arts
Karim, Cheryl Gallagher Fine Arts
Hogan, Blythe Aon Fine Arts
Stoll , Gerald HUB International Health Care
Kochenderfer, Ruth Marsh Health Care
Brodbeck , Erin Aon Health Care
McMinn , Bryan Aon Health Care
Souders , Sherry Alliant Insurance Services Health Care
Pollak, Brett Foundation Risk Partners Health Care
Hunter, Greg Gallagher Education
Jackisch, Michael Marsh Education
Russell, Debbie Gallagher Education
Kurcab, Jack Gallagher Education
Buckley, Daniel Gallagher Education
Rosler, Wendy Marsh Education
Giambalvo , Will Gallagher Hospitality
Manaktala , Alka Insurance Office of America Hospitality
Kim, Young Chol Gallagher Hospitality
Perata , Jake EPIC Insurance Brokers Hospitality
Massey , Howard Insurance Office of America Hospitality
McQueeney, Billy Insurance Office of America Hospitality
Okai, Jules Willis Towers Watson International
Connelly, Sean Aon International
Nikocevic, Dino Aon International
Buelow, Dawn Marsh International
Van Gool, Christophe Epic Insurance Brokers International
Fitzpatrick, Julia Aon International
Presley, Joseph Marsh Marine
Tate, Pamela Marsh Marine
Oliver, Jamie Mosaic Marine
Waltrich, Melanie Marsh Marine
Davis, Scott Aon Marine
Maro, Christopher Marsh Marine
Quinlan , Emily Alliant Insurance Services M&A
Parsons, Luke Woodruff Sawyer M&A
Harger , Jessica Aon M&A
Burchett , Tony Alliant Insurance Services M&A
Duncan , Lisa Risk Placement Services M&A
Chauhan, Aashish Hylant M&A
Steves, Bernhard Aon Manufacturing
Van Fossen, Tyler Gallagher Manufacturing
Gatti, Gregory Aon Manufacturing
Sullivan, Karen Aon Manufacturing
Bauermeister, Heidi Marsh Manufacturing
McCoy, Michael Aon Manufacturing
Chmiel, David HUB International Nonprofit
Powell, Bill Gallagher Nonprofit
Adams, Hannah Gallagher Nonprofit
Manzoni, Betsey Marsh Nonprofit
Pardo, Jesse Risk Strategies Nonprofit
Engle, Matt Insurance Office of America Nonprofit
Berkman, Bryan Marsh Pharmaceuticals
Marquess, Natalie Aon Pharmaceuticals
Gould, Martin Marsh Pharmaceuticals
Herold, Jeanne Aon Pharmaceuticals
Burgio, Chris Marsh & McLennan Agency Pharmaceuticals
Lippman, Matthew HUB International Pharmaceuticals
Johnson , Katie Marsh Private Client
Raymond , Robert HUB International Private Client
Nicholson , Sheneen Alliant Insurance Services Private Client
Simmons , LaTanya Aon Private Client
Sturm , Karen The Oswald Companies Private Client
Poster , Donald Aon Private Client
Estes, Jeff Gallagher Public Sector
Theirl, Julie Aon Public Sector
Mulholland, Anne Aon Public Sector
Crowe, Kathleen Aon Public Sector
McHugh, Michael Gallagher Public Sector
Chino, John Gallagher Public Sector
Eichenholtz, Andre CAC Specialty Retail
Schimeck, Peter Aon Retail
Bergman, Christina Aon Retail
Kroupa, William CAC Specialty Retail
Beach, Emily Marsh Retail
Thorpe, Jennifer Aon Retail
Blankenship , Andy Aon Real Estate
Burg , Brian Gallagher Real Estate
Shaw , Bo Insurance Office of America Real Estate
Pointer , Jon Gallagher Real Estate
St. Clair , Caroline Aon Real Estate
Santarelli , Katherine Wye River Insurance Real Estate
Rose, James Marsh Specialty
Broome, Scott Marsh Specialty
Hahn, Jane Beecher Carlson Specialty
Levins, Jessica Marsh Specialty
Chahal, Payal Aon Technology
Francis, Scott Marsh Technology
Slyfield, Jillian Aon Technology
Miller, Steve Insurance Office of America Technology
Stark, Carol Aon Renewable Energy
Glover-Rendahl, Alicia Marsh Renewable Energy
Burack, Todd McGriff Insurance Services Renewable Energy
Cole, Tracey Marsh Renewable Energy
Kane, Sara Beecher Carlson Renewable Energy
Lania, Amanda Beecher Carlson Renewable Energy
Reisinger , David Aon Energy
Gilstrap , Trevor AssuredPartners Energy
Bennett , James Aon Energy
Tanner , Brian EPIC Insurance Brokers Energy
Westmoreland , Shannon Alliant Insurance Services Energy
Hardie, Chip Marsh Energy
Griffith, Sarah Beecher Carlson Transportation
Lang-Poston, Rose Aon Transportation
Spencer, Gavin Marsh Transportation
Lacey, Ken AssuredPartners Transportation
McDevitt, Daniel Tompkins Insurance Transportation
Rajan, Sanju Aon Transportation
Taylor, Paul Marsh Utilities
Webster, Mark Marsh Utilities
Fee, Cynthia Aon Utilities
Compton, Jake Marsh Utilities
Palomba , Christine Aon Utilities
DeBruin , Brian Aon Utilities
Chance, Brian Stephens Insurance Workers' Comp
Gauss, Brian Marsh Workers' Comp
Webb, Susan Marsh Workers' Comp
Raatz, Julie Marsh Workers' Comp
Thomas, Wendy Marsh Workers' Comp
Breskin, Jeff EPIC Insurance Brokers Workers' Comp