Beecher Carlson Broker Jane Hahn Recognized as a 2021 Specialty Power Broker

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Jane Hahn, Managing Director, Beecher Carlson

Jane Hahn
Managing Director
Beecher Carlson, Boston

Jane Hahn, managing director of Executive Liability for Beecher Carlson, faced tough renewals this year, like most other brokers, but it was a major structural change with one of her clients that garnered her praise and solidified positive outcomes.

Otis Carter, general counsel for Trimark USA, trusted Hahn to lead the process in the midst of internal and external pressures.  “D&O and executive lines were a real challenge this year because of the market,” Carter said.

“I’ve worked with Jane for a number of years and this is the first time we’ve asked her to do a full market check. Due to a CEO change at my company, we thought we may have to go to RFP, but obviously Jane was able to avoid that distraction by impressing not only myself with her thorough work, but also my CEO.”

After studying the situation and asking probing questions of the management team about the underlying risks and their expectations, Hahn stepped in and expanded marketing to approximately 40 U.S. and London insurers.

Hahn then took the success on the primary layer and used it as a platform to build the rest of the program, working with the insurers to answer probing questions and satisfying their key concerns.

Ultimately, Jane was able to have any reference to bankruptcy exclusions removed, and further, with her extensive and global marketing efforts, she was able to introduce new insurers to the D&O program on excess layers despite a reduction in the primary insurer capacity.

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