Aon Broker Brian Hunt Recognized as a 2021 Construction Power Broker

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Brian Hunt, Chief Administration Officer, Account Executive, Aon

Brian Hunt, CPCU, CPA, CRIS
Chief Administration Officer, Account Executive
Aon, Dallas

Brian Hunt handles big clients and small, and it speaks volumes about his commitment to his clients that even the smallest feel they get the same level of service as his largest. 

“We’re a one-person company with the goal to get to five people in three years, and he has made me feel as important as any client that he could possibly have,” said Kristina Geisler-Nordholm, chief executive officer of Geisler Pender. 

“When I asked him, ‘hey, who would I call if X happens or Y happens?’ He set up a conference call with seven people from Aon and said, ‘This is your team.’ … He has made me feel significantly more important than I would actually expect.”

Hunt also possesses the breadth of industry knowledge to service clients of any size.

“He was great with knowing the types of insurance that I would likely need and connecting me internally with people who would best provide that, without fully handing me off,” said Geisler-Nordholm.

“He was always present to make sure that at the end of the day, I was happy with the service and the result. But he was always asking me to look into considering whether I needed X or Y because his other clients needed those things. And it helped me learn a lot more about what I needed from an insurance perspective.”

Having worked in construction, Hunt knows that a small client can become a large client in just a year or two, but in the meantime, his clients know they’re already receiving the best in service and results.

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