Alliant Insurance Services Broker Shannon Westmoreland Recognized as a 2021 Traditional Energy Power Broker

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Shannon Westmoreland, Assistant Vice President, Account Executive, Alliant Insurance Services

Shannon Westmoreland, CPCU
Assistant Vice President, Account Executive
Alliant Insurance Services, Houston

“Shannon is a new broker to our account this year and has been great,” said one finance executive.

“Specifically she has been able to develop alternative options for structuring the renewal of our general liability and excess coverage in a difficult market. She also provided a highly detailed review of all policy documents, proactively identifying and working to resolve internal discrepancies and other potential issues within the documents. In doing that she showed excellent commercial judgment and demonstrated very high levels of knowledge across all areas of our portfolio.”

Another risk manager stated, “Her market and policy knowledge is among the best and her attention to detail is impeccable. Heading into a tough property renewal along with a wholesale broker change in 2020, Shannon worked feverishly to bring the new [overseas] broker up to speed, restructured an extensive and complex program to expand the energy market reach which resulted in an improvement in policy terms, security and pricing.”

In that renewal the client faced several complications from their long-standing quota-share markets. Underwriters were seeking premium increases of 20%.

Westmoreland proposed restructuring the program and then contacting different carriers. She was able to guide the client in developing a blended program, working new underwriters that were receptive with carriers already in the program.

That allowed the client to reduce premiums and still maintain historical relationships.

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