CAC Specialty Broker Andre Eichenholz Recognized as a 2021 Retail Power Broker

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Andre Eichenholtz, Head of Diligence and Portfolio Solutions, Co-Head of P&C, CAC Specialty

Andre Eichenholtz
Head of Diligence and Portfolio Solutions, Co-Head of P&C
CAC Specialty, New York

Many retailers sought to reinvent their business models as they faced the twin threats of online competition and COVID-19. But to make changes, they need liquidity. Andre Eichenholtz has come up with insurance solutions that get clients what they need.

For one client, he and his team created liquidity through loss portfolio transfers on insured and self-insured historical insurance programs.

The transaction was complex and faced resistance from carriers that only came on board after threats of legal action and discussion with senior managers. But it was completed, along with another loss portfolio transfer for various self-insured workers’ comp programs with claims going back to the 1970s.

All told, the transactions created $150 million of additional liquidity and represent the kind of solution clients expect from Eichenholtz.

He is willing to tackle problems that others see as unsolvable, said an executive at an investment firm with retail holdings in its portfolio.

“If I’m ever trying to get anything done and it’s got insurance market risk associated with it, I’m always going to call Andre first,” the executive said.

Eichenholtz also gets positive reviews for his work ethic. “I always felt that when Andre took you on as a client, you knew that you were going to be looked after,” said one CFO of a firearms manufacturer.

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