Gallagher Broker Bill Powell Recognized as a 2021 Nonprofit Power Broker

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Bill Powell, Area Executive Vice President, Gallagher

Bill Powell, ARM
Area Executive Vice President
Gallagher, Rolling Meadows, Ill.

When the COVID-19 pandemic emerged in March, Bill Powell immediately recognized the dangers facing his nonprofit clients — many of whom were major cultural organizations forced to shutter and take a huge financial loss in the ensuing months.

“As these institutions prepared to shut down, I, along with my colleagues, began to assist them on how to safely close and reopen,” he wrote in his Power Broker application.

Powell’s clients were equally thrilled when, during 2020’s hardening market, he managed to find excellent solutions with better coverage for less money.

They refer to him as a “partner more than a salesman” and as a warm and approachable peer in at the risk management table.

Better still, he really seems to understand the financial challenges of a nonprofit that needs maximum coverage for a minimum spend or the creative quandary of the institution that might serve multiple functions (museum; art school) and requires a more bespoke approach to an insurance program.

That expertise has served his clients especially well through a tumultuous year.

“At the start of my insurance career, I was fortunate to have mentors who taught me to focus on niches and to become a specialist in two or three industries,” he wrote.

“One mentor used a medical analogy when he said, ‘Don’t just be a pediatrician. Be a pediatric oncologist or a pediatric pulmonologist.’ I took that advice and have focused on nonprofits and educational organizations ever since.”

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