Aon Broker Brian DeBruin Recognized as a 2021 Utilities Power Broker

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Brian DeBruin, Managing Director, Aon

Brian DeBruin, CPCU, ARM, CRIS
Managing Director
Aon, New York

Trying to secure hyper-specific coverage while actively seeking mergers and acquisitions? Brian DeBruin is the man for the job.

“Brian was able to secure for us very specific service-outage coverage in an extremely tight market,” said one insurance manager. “We needed the supplemental coverage immediately if a plant were to go out of service.”

After that scramble, the client’s renewal went smoothly, so the insured’s attention returned to its active merger and acquisition mode.

“We asked Brian to run through about 30 iterations of possible acquisition targets,” said the client. “We made that request with no promise of business, and as yet, none of the possible transactions has been completed. But Brian’s work definitely helped support the bids.”

Another client touted DeBruin’s customer service as he helped them secure a new area of coverage.

“I received superior service from Brian last year, primarily during April and May when my team was working with him on a large transaction. I was very impressed with the quality of Brian’s work. I worked with Brian on a frequent basis over the course of a few months to structure the coverage and finalize the contract.

The transaction was the first of its kind for my company,” the client said.

“His knowledge, patience and responsiveness would have stood out during any time, but that he performed at such a high level during April and May when COVID uncertainty was at its highest made his work all the more impressive.”

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