EPIC Insurance Broker Thompson Mackey Recognized as a 2021 Cyber Power Broker

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Thompson Mackey, Risk Management Consultant, EPIC Insurance Brokers

Thompson Mackey
Risk Management Consultant
EPIC Insurance Brokers, Duluth, Ga.

In 2020, while many of us were busy adjusting to remote work, broker Thompson Mackey recognized how the emerging rise in cyber breach events could impact his clients.

Thankfully, he’d spent the previous six months developing risk management programs that coordinated coverage afforded for social engineering fraud under cyber and crime policies.

All of this was put to the test when one of his clients was victimized by a social engineering fraud event.

“Rather than having two or more carriers negotiate how the ‘other insurance’ clause should be interpreted, we were able to have the primary carrier issue a claim payment to the insured within 15 days of the loss. The insured greatly appreciated having assurance in the coverage they paid for, with quick resolution of the claim, at the reduced premium spend I negotiated.

A win-win all around,” he wrote in his application.

Mackey’s client Neal Miller, a fractional CFO for multiple early-stage tech companies, sings his praises as a savvy negotiator and risk management guru:

“I work with Mackey fairly regularly, and in the last year, he helped me place programs for two clients, both big data warehousing companies that require a large amount of liability coverage. In both cases, he engaged quickly and had the sale completed in six weeks’ time at a reasonable cost. He’s an important resource and has become a key risk management advisor for me,” he said.

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