Insurance Office of America Broker Steve Miller Recognized as a 2021 Technology Power Broker

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Steve Miller, Innovation Lead, Insurance Office of America

Steve Miller, CIC, CRM
Innovation Lead
Insurance Office of America, Longwood, Fla.

Steve Miller juggles emerging technology on a daily basis and this past year was faced with new challenges from two companies specializing in artificial intelligence and associated risks.

One client, a self-driving trucking company, was at the crossroads of an insurance marketplace upside down in loss ratio (auto) and an emerging industry with few insurers. Heading into the 2020 renewal, the incumbent carrier changed its appetite and relayed its intent to non-renew coverage.

Miller and his team worked to find an alternative carrier, saving 33% on a per-unit basis along the way.

The client was able to economize its spend while aligning with a long-term carrier partner that will allow them to go from testing to product deployment.

An official at the company noted, “[In] the world of autonomous driving, the insurance landscape is just so complex. Steve’s probably one-of-a-kind in the sense that he really has an understanding of the autonomous space, and he was able to address every single concern that I had.

Instead of just taking my explanations of our operations, he put me in front of the providers and that helped our case a lot.”

Miller has been insuring autonomy from the beginning. He and his team make it a point to participate in advocacy campaigns, industry conferences and think tanks.

As a subject matter expert, Miller also works to connect stakeholders in the Future Mobility community and enable the success of organizations, even beyond the reach of his clientele.

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