Insurance Office of America Broker Billy McQueeney Recognized as a 2021 Hospitality Power Broker

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Billy McQueeney, Vice President, Insurance Office of America

Billy McQueeney
Vice President
Insurance Office of America, Longwood, Fla.

If you’re looking for great coverage in the hospitality sector at great rates, clients say Billy McQueeney is the man for the job.

For one client, he was able to dramatically reduce its insurance rates. In 2020, the company had several policies up for renewal on a book of business that was managed by another broker.

Given the pandemic, the client thought there was no way to decrease its rates and maintain the previous level of coverage. McQueeney, who had worked with the client to secure insurance for several properties, asked if he could take a look at the rest of the book.

“We liked Billy’s service, and we thought the service from our incumbent broker was poor, but they were price competitive — or so we thought. Billy asked for the whole book, so we told him to try, but we did not give him an open run. We gave him a very limited number of carriers, ones that the other brokers did not already work with,” said the client’s financial executive.

“He came back with drastically reduced numbers. My first thought was that coverage was reduced, but I read through the contract and the coverage was the same. I even went to the existing broker, and they could not beat it.”

McQueeney also won business from another new client by being able to parcel out the client’s large portfolio. “We had a master policy with all our properties,” said the asset manager.

“We were facing our renewal and could not afford the one big premium. With just two days to go before renewal, Billy got 35 different policies placed.”

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