AssuredPartners Broker Ken Lacey Recognized as a 2021 Transportation Power Broker

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Ken Lacey, Sales Executive, AssuredPartners

Ken Lacey, ARM
Sales Executive
AssuredPartners, Warminster, Pa.

A broker who can put themselves in your shoes is great. A broker who has worn those shoes and walked around in them is even better.

Ken Lacey has decades of experience in the transportation industry — experience he puts to work for his clients.

“He has been on our side of the business. He understands it,” said Fernando Rodrigues, owner of TMX Intermodal.

“There’s not one question I have that the guy doesn’t have an answer for, or he can get me an answer. But 95% of the time, he has the knowledge. He’s my go-to person when I have a question, the amount of experience that he has in the transportation industry is unbelievable.”

Lacey knows insurance, too.

“He brings to the table the exceptional skill of balancing operational know-how and using company-created data to work out hazards and kinks from a risk perspective,” said another client.

“Not only that, but he has a vast amount of experience in claims management and is able to suggest simple, cost effective solutions for very complex problems. Working with him has tremendously helped our operation in understanding the why of many processes and helped define the optimal strategy specific to us and our market. We are enormously grateful and privileged to enjoy his experience and genuine desire to help as some of our most worrisome problems have a simple, easy-to-implement solution.”

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