Marsh Broker Julie Raatz Recognized as a 2021 Workers’ Comp Power Broker

Topics: Workers' Comp

Julie Raatz, Senior Claim Advocacy Manager, Marsh

Julie Raatz, CCLA
Senior Vice President
Marsh, Pittsburgh, Pa.

For Julie Raatz’s clients, it’s the breadth of her workers’ comp knowledge that makes her one of the industry’s stand-out brokers.

“She understands workers’ compensation through and through,” a client said.

One large retail client with locations in nearly every state touted Raatz’s jurisdictional knowledge as key, saying that she had “filing cabinets and filing cabinets” of information on each state’s regulatory schemes.

Another noted Raatz’s knowledge doesn’t just span the U.S.; Raatz, she said, can also answer questions about workers’ comp programs in the UK and India.

Her vast knowledge and industry connections have helped clients secure appropriate partnerships, including TPAs and defense council. In one case, Raatz helped her client find counsel with employment law experience that greatly aided in its defense.

Another client said Raatz’s experience as a claims adjuster has been invaluable during COVID-19. At the beginning of the pandemic, the client saw “a huge crescendo of claims” related to the virus.

Raatz worked with the client as they negotiated with the TPA to get temporary adjusters placed on the account.

“She’s a former claims adjuster, so she can speak, ‘claims adjuster-ease’ when she needs to,” the client said.

Raatz’s clients also said she has winning customer service skills. “There’s a personal level,” her client said. “She knows her clients, and she reaches out not only about business, but [also] she checks in.”

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