Gallagher Broker Greg Hunter Recognized as a 2021 Education Power Broker

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Greg Hunter, Area Managing Director, Gallagher

Greg Hunter, ARM
Area Managing Director
Gallagher, Boston

COVID-19 changed the risk profiles of U.S. universities. With campuses closed, administrators struggled to balance safety with high-quality education, not to mention maintenance of several properties in the face of starkly diminished revenue.

With flexibility and creativity, Greg Hunter helped his higher ed clients roll with the punches.

“I hate to say it, but insurance has not been on the top of my to-do list over the past few months given what we are all dealing with on a daily basis with COVID-19 and the uncertainty behind it,” said Adam Green, director of risk and campus operations for the Austin Community College District.

“Having an extra pair of hands from Greg has been literally crucial to the long-term stability of our firm.”

Hunter hasn’t just helped clients tackle the day-to-day challenges, however. He’s also helped them develop solutions for new risks that emerged as a result of the pandemic. 

“The COVID pandemic brought a variety of new and complex operational issues.  One example relates to the fact that we closed campus abruptly, requiring students to abandon most of their belongings in our housing facilities. Issues related to the packing, shipping, and storing of students’ goods for an indefinite period created risks we’ve not previously had to address,” said Chris Boroski, director of corporate risk management for Duke University.

“Greg brought us a flexible insurance program that allowed us to transfer the financial risk and, more importantly, the claims management process.”

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