Gallagher Broker Quay Stallworth Recognized as a 2021 At Large Power Broker

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Quay Stallworth, Regional Director, Gallagher

Quay Stallworth
Regional Director
Gallagher, Brentwood, Tenn.

Sometimes, what sets a broker apart isn’t so much how they do their job, but how they help you do yours.

“We had severe budget cuts the past several years, and Quay [Stallworth] really helped to lower our premium when we went with him,” said Holly Niehoff, director of environmental health and safety, risk management and insurance, Morehead State University.

“Our previous broker would only do a few of the lines of insurance that we had, and because, as a state entity, we had to go through these RFP processes, we would have to go out and get bids, and so we had numerous brokers,” said Niehoff. “When I started working with Quay … instead of us having to run out and get three or four different quotes from different brokers, he would go get the quotes for us. That saved me so much time and energy, paperwork, all kinds of things. It really took a load off of my responsibilities and made it so much easier for me to be able to do my job.”

Nina Burghard, SVP financial services and operations at The Country Music Hall of Fame, had a similar experience.

“Quay came out and met with all the different departments to walk through the different coverages and how things would work,” she said.

“…We have a lot of events, 300 events with different clients and vendors, so streamlining that process as well, and really working not just with me but with my facilities department and events department to be sure they understood the processes made it as efficient as it could be.”

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