Gallagher Broker Jack Kurcab Recognized as a 2021 Education Power Broker

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Jack Kurcab, Area Assistant Vice President, Gallagher

Jack Kurcab
Area Assistant Vice President
Gallagher, Rolling Meadows, Ill.

The increased frequency of severe weather events is driving up rates and constricting P&C coverage for insureds everywhere — but some regions are more exposed than others.

Jack Kurcab was undeterred by these obstacles, instead going the extra mile to create solutions that fit his clients’ needs. 

“Iowa continues to be labeled as a high-risk region in the country susceptible to major natural events like tornados or the recent derecho that tore across central Iowa,” said Kevin Baccam, executive director of business service for Southeast Polk Community Schools.

“In the midst of these events, Jack and his team were able to put together a multi-layer level of coverage for the insurance pool we belong to when excess coverage was difficult to quote. Furthermore, even with tornado damage and bus fire events happening in the same year, the incremental premium increase for the aggregate excess coverage was very minimal.”

Kurcab also came to the aid of several school districts in Kansas. “This past year, 70+ Kansas school districts were left without insurance months before their renewal. Jack conducted an extensive marketplace review of 85+ insurers and reinsurers to explore different structures and quota-share arrangements,” said Joel Lovesee, superintendent, Bluestem Unified School District 205.

“I saw firsthand how Jack finalized a structure with various reinsurance partners in the form of a disappearing deductible/corridor deductible, which would be funded by new member premium contributions.”

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