Woodruff Sawyer Broker Luke Parsons Recognized as a 2021 M&A Power Broker

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Luke Parsons, Vice President, Woodruff Sawyer

Luke Parsons, ARM
Vice President
Woodruff Sawyer, San Francisco

Just a month ahead of 2020’s P&C-line renewals, Imran Malik, CFO of Cooper Machinery Services, interviewed three brokerage candidates and opted for Luke Parsons at his team at Woodruff Sawyer. With little time to spare, they dug in and Cooper ended up getting a much better bang for the buck.

“We ended up expanding coverage, both in terms of policy lines and [coverage] dollars, all while paying less than before,” Malik said.

A “glaringly” missing policy was added, and Parsons also identified coverage that both Cooper and its landlord were paying for, even though it was the latter’s responsibility.

Working closely with a new private-equity firm, which purchased a new asset in a regulated industry, Parsons found that the company’s existing policies lacked adequate coverage for key raw materials, prompting a discussion about the strategic risk that created for the business at the level of senior management.

Parsons also received accolades for translating insurance-speak and providing the management teams with several options, and explaining their differences and impact on the overall insurance profile.

“Luke is really good at taking insurance speak and translating for management,” said the private equity firm’s operating partner. “If you want to add value to clients, treat the relationship strategically instead of transactionally.”

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