Risk Strategies Broker Emily Weiss Schaffer Recognized as a 2021 Fine Arts Power Broker

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Emily Weiss Schaffer, Senior Account Executive, Risk Strategies

Emily Weiss Schaffer
Senior Account Executive
DeWitt Stern, New York

As one client put it, Emily Weiss Schaffer is a great asset to any team she’s part of.

“She worked hard to fully remarket our account this year to other carriers due to our loss history but was able to keep us with our current carrier with a competitive premium even in this hard market,” one client said.

“She’s successfully reviewed consignment agreements and other insurance documents for us to ensure we are protecting ourselves from any possible liabilities that might arise, and her attention to detail has been incredibly helpful.”

Mamie Tinkler, studio manager/producer, Matthew Barney Studio, recently switched brokers to Weiss Schaffer, and she is thrilled: “She is thorough and keeps an eye on everything we’re doing,” Tinkler said.

“She made me think through more in-depth questions about my risks that I might not have thought of otherwise. We had already renewed our business property policy when Emily came on. She was the one who reminded me that I said it might have been too low of a coverage at our first meeting.”

Weiss Schaffer reviewed the policy and found ways to increase the coverage after talking it through with Tinkler and her team.

A third client, an online auction platform startup that found its opening in the middle of a pandemic, had a tough beginning. Moving items around proved a difficult task: “We didn’t have a track record to start from,” said the client, and so the team wanted 100% coverage for total loss revision. Weiss Schaffer made it happen.

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